The fifth regional parliamentary forum "Dialogue with citizens" was held in Comrat
15 December 2015

On Monday, December 14, 2015, in Comrat took place the fifth regional parliamentary forum "Dialogue with citizens", where MPs of the Parliament of Moldova met with residents from Comrat district. The forum was organized with the assistance of the UN Programme "Women in Politics" to establish a direct and effective dialogue between citizens and MPs.

The event was attended by the UN Women in Moldova country representative (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women), Ulziisuren Jamsran. "As you know, in September 2015 world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals for the next 15 years and on the fifth place out of 17 there is gender equality and the promotion of women in politics. This goal was established 15 years ago within the Millennium Development Goals, but has not been realized by the most countries. Today, this goal was embodied in the slogan "Planet 50:50". And now, 88 world leaders have made certain commitments to adopt Sustainable Development Goals for the next 15 years or, more precisely, the achievement of gender equality 50:50," said Ulziisuren Jamsran.

The forum was attended by the MPs of the Parliament, representing various Parliamentary Committees: Liliana Palihovici, vice-president of the Moldovan Parliament, Committee on National Security, Defense and Public Order; Valentina Buliga, member of the Parliament, the president of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and European Integration, and Elena Hrenova, Member of the Moldovan Parliament, from the Committee for Social Protection, Health and Family.

Liliana Palihovici spoke about the communication platform of women MPs, which was established in January 2015 by the Parliament. "It has been taken the decision that women MPs, regardless of their political affiliation, can participate within the platform to solve the most important social and economic problems, including to participate in such forums. We want women to be actively involved in decision making at central and local level. We must show that, through our efforts, actions and, respectively, our results the political sphere, which has been for centuries the field of activity only for men, now belongs equally to women and men."

However, within the Forum have been addressed the following issues: the lack of pharmacies in rural areas, unregistered land issue, the issue of education in the Russian language; the associated problems with the consequences of migration, issues regarding payment of social allowances and others.

At the part dedicated to the questions and answers, where have been presented the problems faced by women from the Comrat district, the women lawmakers have offered guidance in order to be solved the problems.

"If a woman managed to open a business, create 40-50 jobs, I assure you that she will be able to work in the People's Assembly of Gagauzia, representing and defending the interests of both men and women," Natalia Şoşeva said, Vice President of People's Assembly of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia.

At the end of the forum have been formulated a summary of the discussions that will be submitted for review to the MPs from the Parliament.

The regional parliamentary forum from Comrat was the fifth out of 15 Parliamentary forums, which will take place in the following regional centres and cities: Sângerei, Donduseni, Drochia, Briceni, Causeni, Ialoveni, Cimislia, Hincesti, Cantemir, Stefan Voda. Regional forums are organized with the support of UN Programme "Women in Politics", implemented by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with East-Europe Foundation and the Centre "Partnership for Development", financed by the government of Sweden.

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