Introductory communication and media relations workshop in the Transnistria region
WHO media training Tiraspol.JPG
13 November 2015

A team of international experts from Bulgaria and the United Kingdom conducted with WHO support a 2-day introductory communication and media relations workshop in Tiraspol on 11–12 November 2015.

The central health authority, representatives of health care facilities and various other stakeholders from the Transnistria region of the Republic of Moldova had identified a need to improve communication and media relations. Strengthening capacity in planning and running communication campaigns, preparing messages, identifying target audiences and using effective interview techniques were the main areas of concern.

During the 2-day training course, the following topics were discussed: mass media structure and journalists' motivations and goals; media strategy: approaching the media and what to avoid; key messages: how to write and communicate in the most effective way; interview techniques used in various media channels; and emergency situations: coping with a sudden crisis.

"The training introduced us to today's media landscape and showed us how to navigate it. The training also demonstrated how to work with the media, to respond to difficult questions and to build effective, long-lasting relationships with journalists", said Olga Bocharova, representative of the health authority.


This activity is part of the biennial collaborative agreement 2014–2015 between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova and WHO/Europe. The initiative is financially supported by WHO and the "Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme" of the European Union and is coordinated by WHO as part of technical assistance and capacity-building activities in the health sector.

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