First meeting on analysis of public health operations in Transnistria region
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29 September 2015

A rapid analysis on the public health operations, services and activities and health information system in the Transnistria region was initiated on 22–23 September 2015. Staff of WHO Regional Office for Europe and the WHO Country Office in the Republic of Moldova met with central health authorities from the region, and held a workshop for representatives of the central health authorities, State Hygiene and Epidemiology (Sanepid) Service, and directors of healthcare facilities.

The objective of the workshop was to launch a rapid assessment of the essential public health operations (EPHOs) in Transnistria region. Ultimately, the technical assistance by WHO aims to produce actionable recommendations to strengthen EPHOs in the region. Mr Alexandr Gonchar, Deputy Head of central health authority in the region said, "We expressed our interest in strengthening the capacity of the health system to address noncommunicable diseases and in analyzing the status of the public health system. We are grateful for WHO's support in conducting the rapid assessment of public health operations."

Dr Gheorghe Sclifos, Chief Doctor of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, stressed the importance of the self-assessment tool and the possibility to discuss the concept of public health from a new perspective.

The objectives of the mission were to: identify potential contributors to the process and their roles; begin to gather data to help inform the assessment; strengthen capacity and create a shared understanding on certain topics.

Next steps

The main recommendation for a short-term follow-up is for the Transnistrian health authorities to establish a working group on strengthening EPHOs in Transnistria. Through a series of interactive workshops, WHO could support the working group in involving key stakeholders in assessing the EPHOs and producing policy options for consideration by the health authorities.

WHO support for this activity is part of the biennial collaborative agreement 2014–2015 between the Moldovan Ministry of Health and WHO/Europe. The initiative is financially supported by WHO and the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme funded by the European Union and coordinated by WHO, under technical assistance and capacity building activities in the health sector.

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