In Chisinau is taking place the second edition of the Innovation in Governance Forum
26 November 2015

On November 26 and 27, 2015, in Chisinau is taking place the Innovation in Governance Forum. The event is organised by the State Chancellery, E-Government Center and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the support of the British and Swedish Embassies in Moldova, and of the Moldcell Company.

The forum brought together practitioners from Sweden, the UK and Moldova, with a vast experience working with the public sector, to share and discuss the experiences in reshaping the way public services operate and engage with the users.  The event highlighted the trends in redesigning public services at international and regional levels, at the same time, spotlighting the public sector “champions” who spearhead innovations in Moldova.

"We are at the beginning of our journey for the application of innovative approaches to reform public services and public policy. Therefore, the need to learn about the best practices of governments more advanced in this field, with the subsequent adjustment to the specifics for our country, is imperative at the stage at which we find ourselves. ", said Sergiu Ceauş, Deputy Secretary General of the Government.

The forum presented ways in which some of the world's governments have established social innovation labs in order to meet the challenges with some effective solutions, in the context of wide-spread use of information technologies, the democratization of societies, and as a response to crises and increased budgetary austerity in several countries.

In 2014, the E-Government Center and UNDP Moldova have launched MiLab (Social Innovation Lab), to assist the Government in cooperation and co-creation of solutions together with Moldovan citizens. MiLab was involved in several projects, including re-design of monthly childcare allowance service together with the National Social Insurance Chamber, re-designing a community police station in Chisinau, together with people from the community. Now MiLab, together with Prime Minister’s Economic Council is working to optimize the service of issuing export permit for animal-origin products.

"Public institutions must learn to speak the same language, and innovation is the language of the future. It could align the old institutional model to the needs of the 21st century citizens.  An innovative government means: a smart economy to support our standard of living, better usage of public money, engaging citizens through social innovation, and ultimately healthier lives.“, stated the Executive Director of the E-Government Center, Iurie Turcan.

Ulziisuren Jamsran, UN Women Country Representative in Moldova, said on the behalf of UN country team: "At such a challenging time for Moldova, to restore the trust of people in the governmental institutions is of a tremendous importance. Improving the quality and efficiency of public services and policies, and bringing them closer to the people through innovation could be a great contribution towards that goal. UN is happy to support the development of a culture of innovation within government, and the continuity of this Forum demonstrates our commitment. "

The event was attended by over 80 participants, including government officials, civil servants at central and local levels, civil society representatives and development partners of Moldova. A similar forum will be also held in 2016.

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