Briquette and pellet producers from both banks of Nistru River learn how to manufacture high quality biofuel
17 November 2015

Biofuel producers from both banks of Nistru River participated at a workshop tackling biofuel quality issues. Briquette and pellet producers shall discuss the factors that ensure high biofuel quality, as well as those that diminish the quality of biofuels manufactured in the Republic of Moldova. The workshop is organized by Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, financed by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.

Experts in the area of biofuel quality presented and explained the minimum requirements set for solid biofuels in front of workshop attendees. Such requirements can be determined following the fuel technical analysis (moisture, calorific value, ash content, volatile components, size, sustainability, density, etc.) and its chemical analysis (C, H, O, S, N, and Cl), which so far is not available on the Moldovan market.

”For more than three years we produce pellets out of poplar waste. As there is no testing lab available on the Moldovan market, the only certificate we can get now is the Test Report. Determining the biofuel quality is vital for both the consumers and the producers. The former should know the product characteristics they buy and if it meets the parameters required for proper operation of biomass-fired boilers, while the latter would like to see the position of their product on the hierarchical quality scale and to set a fuel price based on the end product quality and on the biomass source used”, Alexandru Matrohin, biofuel producer and workshop participant, mentioned.

We should point out that back in December 2014 the Moldovan Government approved a decision binding all local biofuel producers to certify the quality of biofuel outputs.  The Government Decision was enacted in January 2015; however, its provisions cannot be implemented so far as there is no testing lab in place to certify the quality of locally produces briquettes and pellets.

The Energy and Biomass Project provides assistance aimed to strengthen the biofuel production market in Moldova.  One of its programmes, launched with the EU support, is dealing with the establishment of the first biofuel quality testing lab. ”In order to test the quality of the locally produced solid biofuel (briquettes, pellets) the Energy and Biomass Project intends to purchase, at the expense of European funds, specialized modern equipment. To this end, an international tender is to be conducted during the next months”, Alexandru Ursul, Manager of the Energy and Biomass Project, stated. 

”The quality of biofuels manufactured in the Republic of Moldova is paramount for the development of the biomass energy sector and, by default, of the biofuel production market, which is currently at its incipient development stage”, Grigore Marian, Head of the solid biofuel quality testing lab by the Agricultural University of Moldova, mentioned. This lab represents one out of two institutions that currently carry out quality tests and issue test reports on briquette and pellet quality.

The workshop participants visited the solid biofuel quality testing lab at the Agricultural University of Moldova where they had the opportunity to watch the stages of partial briquette and pellet quality testing carried out on the equipment in place.  Also, the participants visited a solid biofuel producer where they watched the production process and shared their experience along with the lessons learned with regard to waste processing into biofuel.

The Energy and Biomass Project 2 is a three-year project implemented during 2015-2017. The Project has a budget totalling EUR 9.41 million, granted by the EU, and is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. Additional Project information is available at: and on Facebook: Energie din Biomasă.

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