Over 250 applications for the Subsidy Program for Biomass Boilers filed
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10 August 2015

Over 250 applications for joining the Subsidy Program for Biomass Boilers have been filed up to this moment at the Agency for Energy Efficiency, the limited number of offers from households being thus completed in the very first day of registration. Within the next period, the AEE will only accept applications from small and micro-enterprises wishing to install biomass based heating systems, with reimbursement of the cost from European funds, the maximum admissible number being 50 offers.

The Energy and Biomass Project, financed by the EU, launched the Subsidy Program for Procurement of Biomass Boilers for Households, Small and Micro-Enterprises on 5 August, in partnership with the Agency for Energy Efficiency, and the application files are to be submitted starting 10 August.

The amount of the subsidy provided from European funds is 1,300 Euro, and 700 Euro, respectively, established depending on the technical parameters of the selected boiler. The total number of Subsidy Program beneficiaries will amount to 300: 250 households, and 50 enterprises.


We are happy that the number of biomass energy users is increasing. The Subsidy Program was a success during Phase I of the Energy and Biomass Project, when 620 families installed biomass-based boilers in their own houses, being reimburse 1300 Euro from European funds. The outcome of Phase II of the project really impressed us, surpassing our expectations,” stated Alexandru Ursul, Manager of the Energy and Biomass Project.

It is worth specifying that the Program beneficiaries will receive the subsidy after having installed the boiler in their own house or enterprise. Boilers that are part of the Subsidy Program should be manufactured or partially assembled in the Republic of Moldova and are to be purchased from those 23 accredited companies. Accredited companies offer a varied range of biomass boilers of European technology (Italy, Poland, Greece, Germany, and Romania) or manufactures by 100% in the Republic of Moldova.

The entire information about the Program is available at www.biomasa.md.

The Program for providing the households with biomass boilers on advantageous conditions is an activity of the “Energy and Biomass Project”, carried out in partnership with the Agency for Energy Efficiency.

The Energy and Biomass Project 2 is a three-year project implemented within 2015-2017. The Project has a total budget of 9.41 million Euro provided by the European Union, and is implemented by the United Nations Development Program.

For additional information, please contact:

Ina Prisăcaru-Zglavuţă, Communication and Mass Media Specialist, Energy and Biomass Project, Tel: 022 839983, e-mail: ina.zglavuta@undp.org

Oleg Brînză, Business Development Specialist, Energy and Biomass Project, Tel: 022 839982, e-mail: oleg.brinza@undp.org

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