One step closer to my career
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13 July 2015

My Career or « CarieraMea » is a web platform, designed specifically for school students, which is going to offer the much needed information for career orientation. The main goal of the platform is to offer youngsters the chance to take well-grounded decisions regarding their future career paths. Key elements of the website are going to be video testimonials of young specialists working in a wide range of domains. These professionals will share their stories and the steps they took before entering specific fields of work, insights from their daily work-life and prospects for career development and growth within those fields.

Today, 14th of July, MiLab together with ARTICO and ZUGO started the video shooting for « CarieraMea ». Ana Niculaes (psychologist) being the first to participant in the project. During an hour-long interview she told us about her professional experience as a school psychologist and as a private practitioner.

As a specialist who has attended professional development courses in more than 24 countries, she has stressed the importance of continuous self-development. In the Republic of Moldova, psychology is still a critically perceived field of work by a part of society, however, lately, a 30% raise in the number of clients attending private psychologists was documented. Therefore, it seems the sector is growing in Moldova and is promising for young professionals. Follow us for more updates on new interviews and other developments related to « CarieraMea ».

If you feel like sharing your professional experience with school students, do not hesitate to fill in this form!

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