Week of Roma Inclusion in Moldova, 6-12 April 2015
27 March 2015

Celebrating diversity

April 8 is International Roma Day, annually celebrating the anniversary of the founding in 1971 of the International Romani Union, the first major Romani civic and empowerment initiative. This year, a range of Government, international and civil society partners in the Republic of Moldova are joining their energies during 6-12 April in celebrating Roma inclusion, highlighting discrimination challenges, sharing the experiences in education, health and culture and focusing on ways forward to strengthen the celebration of diversity in the Republic of Moldova.

To join us for the actions which will be held during the Week of Roma Inclusion in Moldova, please see the attached promotional leaflet. For more detailed information, please, contact Xenia Siminciuc, National Diversity Outreach Consultan, United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights: +373 684 88 663; +373 78 1000 19 or by e-mail: moldovaconsultantsiminciuc@unohchr.org.

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