Title: UNICEF ITB 9140565, Invitation to bid, Transportation services.

UN tender

Reg. no.: UN Tender18/01768

Launch date: 14 June 2018, 16:32 (GMT+2:00)

Deadline: 02 July 2018, 17:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: UN Tender


United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) invites interested companies to submit a Bid to this Invitation to Bid (ITB) for Transportation Services. Please find detailed description of the services required  in the attached ITB document.

Please acknowledge receipt of this ITB by sending an email to rbradescu@unicef.org, indicating whether you intend to submit a Bid or otherwise. 

The purpose of this Invitation to Bid for Services (ITBS) is to invite Bids for Transportation Services as fully detailed in the Terms of Reference/Statement of Work
attached at Annex B to the ITB document.

UNICEF wishes to enter into (a) non-exclusive Long Term Arrangement(s) for Services (LTA-S) for the procurement of the services detailed in the ITBS and required from time to time
during the term of the LTA-S. It will be a provision of such LTA-S(s), that UNICEF will not be committed to purchase any minimum quantity of these services. UNICEF shall not be liable for
any cost in the event that no purchases are made under any resulting LTA-S. Purchases will be made against contracts to be issued by UNICEF in accordance with the
terms and conditions of any resulting LTA-S(s). Actual quantities to be purchased will vary from contract to contract. 

Other United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes shall be entitled to place contracts under the prices and terms of the LTA-S. Contracts placed by other United Nations entities
constitute a contractual agreement between the supplier and the ordering United Nations entity. UNICEF will not be a contractual party to these contracts and has therefore no obligations or
liabilities for contracts not issued by UNICEF.

Instructions for proposal submission:
Hardcopy Bids should be submitted in ENGLISH and must be received not later than 17:00 (EET) on 2 July 2018 in one copy, duly signed and dated. Bidders must submit the sealed bid in
a suitable envelope; the bid must be dispatched to arrive at the UNICEF office indicated no later than the closing time and date.
The envelope must be clearly marked as follows:
Name of company
LIBS-2018-9140565, Transportation Services
UNICEF Moldova
131, '31 August 1989' street, UN House, Chisinau, MD-2012 Moldova

The envelope must contain all the required annexes and documents, as follows:
· Duly filed and signed Bid Form, including the price offer for each service line (without VAT or other taxes/charges)
· Company profile (brief information, no more than 2 pages)
· The list of corporate clients
· Copy of the registration certificate and licence for transportation services
· The list of available vehicles owned or rented
· The roster of drivers with details on experience, command of English
· Confirmation of insurance (vehicle, driver and passenger insurance)
· Availability of discounts for larger orders

Bids received in any other manner will be invalidated.



Supporting documents:


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