Global campaign "16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence" has ended
11 December 2015

Global campaign "16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence", which started on November 25, ended today, December 10, on the International Human Rights Day. The closing event of the campaign has mobilized at least 100 representatives of local authorities in support of a life without violence. Moreover, the mayors spoke openly about concrete actions that they have pledged to eliminate gender-based violence in their localities.

Anatolie Dimitriu, president of the Ialoveni district, said that since 121 mayors have signed the commitment is a start. "We have a total of 989 mayoralties and I hope that over the next 2-3 years all mayors will sign this declaration and not just mayors, but each of us will have the commitment to fight violence against women," said Anatolie Dimitriu.

Also, two former victims of violence have spoken openly about their personal experiences and encouraged women and men to fight with this worrying phenomenon. Valentina Geamănă, who has passed through traumatic experiences, managed to open an anti-violence center in the Ciuciuleni village, Hincesti district. She addressed to the mayors do not leave everything on the back of a police officer or a social worker in case of violence. "Please, get involved! Because only in this way we will have a healthy society. Violence has no nationality, no gender, no country, no home and let to not be indifferent, because only then violence will be uprooted. I urge you to be active members who want to live in a society without violence," Valentina said.

Ulziisuren Jamsran, country representative of UN Women in Moldova, spoke about the phenomenon of inequality and violence, both at the global and local level. She pointed out that when there is domestic violence, we can`t talk about welfare, because, in such circumstances, it can`t be registered any progress. "Let's not forget about the basic actions that can be taken by each of us. If we hear that the neighbor abuses his wife or his children, we have to knock the door. The abuser will stop if he knows that someone is a witness to his actions," said Ulziisuren Jamsran.

Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Signe Burgstaller, participated also at the closing event of the campaign, stating that violence is one of the most serious human rights violations. "Worldwide, one in three women is subjected to violence. Unfortunately, violence has no borders and no country in the world has passed over this phenomenon," Signe Burgstaller mentioned.

Over 200 people attended the event, including representatives of civil society organizations from the field, who expressed, briefly, the results of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

The event was organized by the Association against Violence "Casa Marioarei", in partnership with central and local public administrations, with the support of UN Women in Moldova (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women).

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