Entrepreneurs from Balti and Chisinau learn how to get financing to develop innovations in businesses
11 December 2015

The project ‚Innovative Entrepreneurship for Local Sustainable Development’ continues the series of training for entrepreneurs wishing to apply innovations in their businesses, and to increase profits obtaining new sources of financing. Activities are in line with the objectives of the Innovations Strategy of the Republic of Moldova for 2013 – 2020 ‘Innovations for Competitiveness’.

Thus, entrepreneurs from the North of Moldova gathered for two days, 9 and 10 December, in Balti, in order to take part in the most complex training about business innovations ‘Innovations from A to Z’. The event was moderated by the international expert with over 15 years of experience in innovations, Boris Golob, who explained to the participants how to better understand their customers, how to create innovations which customers would be willing to pay for, how to create a profitable business and manage innovations to achieve success on the market. Participants worked with case studies and universal examples, the training being very interactive and practical.

According to Andrei Gogol, 36, entrepreneur in IT sector, one of the training participants, “organization of such trainings in Balti is very welcome, because there are people willing to develop their businesses in an innovative way outside the capital city as well, many enterprises need to develop and modernize. The subject of the training is very relevant.’

Today, entreprenurs from Chisinau and the centre of the Republic learn everything about investments, grants, crowdfunding and other financing opportunities in the framework of the ‘Financing Innovations in SMEs’ training, moderated by the international expert, mentor in start-ups Iraklis Agiovlasitis. During the day, representatives of the private sector, will be involved in the practical exercise of business-plan assessment.

The project „Innovative entrepreneurship for sustainable local development” has the objective to develop, adapt and apply new technologies and career development methods, identify new employment opportunities and promote entrepreneurship spirit in the Republic of Moldova. The project is implemented by UNDP Moldova in partnership with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

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