The first meeting of mayors, partners of the Migration and Local Development Project
3 December 2015

Mayors, partners of the Migration and Local Development Project, attended the first meeting of the Project.

Sergiu Ceaus, Deputy Secretary General of the Government, congratulated the mayors on the fact that the towns they represent were selected as partners of the Project. Mr. Ceaus stated that "the Moldovan government relies greatly on the support of the citizens working abroad. This potential cannot be fully utilized by relying solely on remittances. This is a complex process that requires the involvement of both central and local authorities in order to stimulate our citizens to be part of local development. I am sure that this project will jumpstart local development models that are supported by migrants".

Olesea Cazacu, Project Manager, presented project activities. "The main objective of the "Migration and Local Development" Project is to assist communities affected by migration in improving local services, namely: water and sanitation, social services, education and healthcare, as well as providing access to income-generating opportunities (re-employment, support of business development). The project will be implemented during 2015 - 2017 in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Moldova, local public authorities, local non-governmental organizations, private sector, citizens, including migrants. Totally, 25 villages and towns will benefit from the project".

Angela Stafii, migration expert, noted that 38.6% of households in Moldova have one member of the family working abroad or in other localities of Moldova. At the same time, 29.4% of households have one of more member of their families working abroad, temporary or on long term.

"Where are the engineers, doctors and teachers from your towns? What did Moldovan local authorities do to ensure that remittances are used not only for consumption? What does the community gain as a result of migration? How can migration be used effectively for the prosperity of the home town?" are just some of the questions that the migration expert raised to the mayors as key actors in generating and implementing solutions for local development by using migration.

The mayors expressed their views on the potential of migration for the community development, as well as the tools that are needed to be used for this purpose. Several of these are: supporting migrants to establish local businesses to increase the number of jobs and budget revenue; involving migrants to establish services for all population; initiating local volunteer groups, etc.

Participants confirmed their interest to contribute to becoming small-scale laboratories for initiating viable projects in the field of migration and local development. One of the slogans welcomed by the mayors was "Freely migrate and come back to invest".

The Migration and Local Development Project is implemented by the State Chancellery with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Moldova, with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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