I'm a personality!
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3 December 2015

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, marked annually worldwide, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) carries out an awareness raising campaign “I’m a personality!" in partnership with SOIR Moldova, Association MOTIVATIA, Keystone Moldova, Center of Legal Assistance for People with Disabilities and Deaf Association of Moldova.

The awareness raising campaign “I’m a personality!” involves seven highly competent persons with disabilities, working a full working day with seven Ministers and Deputy Ministers. The involved Ministries are: Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. At the end of the day of 3 December, a Public Debate Club is to be organized, where they will discuss experiences gained throughout the day spent at the ministry, as well as the challenges or barriers the participants to the awareness raising campaign have faced.

“The awareness campaign “I’m a personality!” takes place for the first time in the Republic of Moldova and aims to raise the public awareness with regard to the employment potential of people with disabilities, as well as to develop a positive image of them within the society – said Xenia Siminciuc, Communication Consultant at the UN Office for Human Rights (OHCHR). We want to contribute to a significant change of the attitudes and perceptions in relation to this category of people. The ministries involved in the action of 3 December actively participate in drawing up specific policies in the field of social protection, education, health – thus, we count a lot on the continuous cooperation with these institutions. During the Public Debates Club, we will finalize the discussions by developing a Priorities Map for 2016”.

Tudor Onofrei is a weal-chair user. Today he worked together with the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction, Mr. Ion Stratulat and the experience gained seemed to be quite positive. “For me this working day is very useful and interesting – said Tudor – We have visited two buildings which are actually in the process of construction and I had a chance to evaluate directly the situation, as well as come with some concrete suggestions for improvement of physical accessibility. Suchlike actions are extremely important and necessary for the future!”

According to official data, currently, about 184 thousand disabled people are registered in the Republic of Moldova. For more information and details about the awareness campaign “I’m a personality!” please contact Xenia Siminciuc by phone: 0684 88 663 or e-mail: moldovaconsultantsiminciuc@ohchr.org

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