Parliamentary Regional Forum "Dialogue with citizens" was held in Leova
30 November 2015

Around 50 women and men from Leova district gathered on Monday, November 30, with MPs of the Parliament of Moldova in the framework of the fourth regional parliamentary forum "Dialogue with citizens". The forum was attended by MPs of the Parliament: Stefan Vlas, who is also a member of the parliamentary committee "Public Administration, Regional Development, Environment and Climate Change", Valentina Stratan, member of the parliamentary committee "Social Protection, Health and Family", Alina Zotea, member of the parliamentary committee "Foreign policy and European integration", and Ala Popescu, General Secretary of the Parliament. The forum is organized to enhance communication between citizens and lawmakers, contributing to a higher level of public trust in politicians and that their needs to be heard.

Valentina Stratan said in her speech about improving the legal framework in order to achieve streamlined state social policies: "Countries where women are present in the decision-making processes have a much higher economic development. As long as we will show that we know our rights and we know how to ask for their compliance, no one will dare so easy to violate this right".

Ștefan Vlas spoke about the local autonomy and democracy, heritage and public finances of the territorial administrative units: „I'm one of the mayors who, for 12 years, is working for local autonomy, for decentralization, for everything that means „a change” for local authorities. All this to untie the hands of local councils and mayors to be more efficient in their work. As long as we will not change the vision and the autonomy, we will not have a prosperous and rich country, because you can`t have a rich country only in Chişinău."

Alina Zotea reiterated about the migration`s impact of the Moldovan citizens in the European Union and other countries: “For 25 years, people are leaving the country. There are countless cases where Moldovans had to illegally cross the border into Italy, Germany, Portugal and, once being there, the torment continued through moonlighting. Our authorities, however, did not make concrete steps to ensure a better future for the citizens. Today, unfortunately, a quarter of citizens emigrated, we find the lack of taxes; thousands of families who are forced to live thousands of kilometers away from their children."

Regarding questions and answers, the forum participants had the opportunity to ask questions of their concern. Amongst the issues mentioned were the lack of labor force; the migration issue; the existent problems in the health and education sector; the issue of unification and reform the social security systems and many others.

Regional forums are organized with the support of UN Programme "Women in Politics", implemented by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with East-Europe Foundation and the Centre "Partnership for Development", financed by the government of Sweden. At the end of each forum will be formulated a summary of the discussions that will be submitted for review to the MPs from the Parliament.

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