24 MPs trained to better communicate by DW Akademie
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25 November 2015

24 members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, in particular those who are at their first term, were trained by Deutsche Welle Akademie to communicate efficiently in the period August –November 2015. The trainings were conducted with the support of the projects “Improving the quality of Moldovan democracy through parliamentary and electoral support” and "Women in Politics", implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and financed by Sweden.

The goal of the training was to improve internal and external communication and thus increase transparency and consolidate open society in Moldova. The workshops helped the MPs to adjust their messages to the audience, to be laconic and explicit. Within this training tools and techniques were provided to increase and enhance interactions between parliamentarians and civil society, international organizations and media.

Corneliu Mihalachi, MP, says that the seminar was extremely useful and interesting. "I have vast background in press, I was a journalist, Chair and member of the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual, and, in part, my interest for this training was professional. I have to admit that to my surprise I have learned about many things that I have never considered before as being important. This was a truly useful seminar with practical advice which I will definitely use in my political career. I hope we will have more of such opportunities," Mihalachi said.

Alina Gota, MP, noted that training was very important for her. ”It is my first term and this training was extremely useful. I learned how to structure a message, how long or short this message should be and how to deal with TV appearances and with the media, in general. I have already started applying the knowledge I gained. Recently I had a meeting with voters in Basarabeasca and had an interview with a local broadcaster”, Alina Gota said.

The training combined theory, discussions and practical exercises. It focused on reacting at latest news, formulating messages in a brief way and managing last minute requests for providing interviews.

With the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), within the programme “Improving the quality of Moldovan democracy through parliamentary and electoral support” a number of training sessions for the Members of the Parliament of Moldova were designed, including improving legislative techniques, drafting legislation and improving communication to increase transparency and consolidate democratic practices.

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