MPs from Moldova had the third dialogue with citizens
24 November 2015

The third Parliamentary Forum „Dialogue with citizens” was held on Monday, November 23, in Edineț district. The event was organized with the support of the UN Programme "Women in Politics" and Parliamentary Constituency and Information Offices (PCIOs). The purpose of the meeting was to establish a direct and effective dialogue between citizens and MPs, to elucidate problems faced by the residents from Edineţ and to identify viable solutions for them.

The event was attended by President of the Committee on Foreign Policy and Integration, Valentina Buliga, MPs Marina Rădvan and Aliona Goța, the Secretary-General of Parliament, Ala Popescu, officials from local councils, academics, representatives of civil society, of business and trade unions.

Valentina Buliga pointed out the importance of dialogue in strengthening the public confidence. Also, Buliga mentioned about the PCIOs` roles in organizing meetings of MPs with the citizens both to know social, economic issues and communication priorities and actions envisaged to fulfill the European integration objectives. "We have communicated poorly about European integration of Moldova. Many people thought that this road will be easy, but it is a complicated process, where we will meet resistance, we will have to make sensitive reforms. Therefore, this communication is imminently necessary," said the President of foreign policy and integration Commission.

"Such meetings with women leaders will help us, the MPs, to reach a constructive dialogue with civil society and to clarify some issues, but, most importantly, to find solutions for them," Marina Radvan said.

Other topics discussed widely during the forum were about the education field. They were alleged deficiencies related to the lack and quality of teachers, traffic safety for children, quality of vehicles for transporting children. In this context, MP Marina Rădvan came with a call to those present and the entire political class to join efforts to promote reforms in the field. "Education is that purpose that will unite the efforts of all women in our Parliament. On the education subject, we should exclude our political color and together with the people from this area to make all the necessary reforms," said Marina Rădvan.

The subjects related to the problems of people with disabilities, their integration into social and economic life, social protection, conditions of employment and local infrastructure problems and social payments were discussed also during the Forum.

MP Aliona Goța mentioned the lack of communication as central factor hindering the functioning of state institutions of any level. "I hope that this forum will mobilize ourselves and we will find answers to the questions you've raised, as the documentation of population, citizens' access to quality services etc.", concluded Aliona Goța at the end of the meeting.

Parliamentary Regional Forum conducted in Edineț is part of a series of Parliamentary forums, which will take place in several localities from the country, as Leova, Comrat, Sângerei, Donduseni, Drochia, Briceni, Ialoveni, Hincesti, Causeni, Cantemir.

Regional forums are organized with the support of UN Programme "Women in Politics", implemented by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with East-Europe Foundation and the Centre "Partnership for Development", financed by the government of  Sweden. At the end of each forum will be formulated a summary of the discussions that will be submitted for review to the MPs from the Parliament.

Source: Communication and PR Division of the Parliament/

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