UN Moldova was awarded by an NGO for rehabilitation of victims of torture
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2 September 2015

At its 15th anniversary, the Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims “Memoria” (RCTV Memoria) awarded 15 Ambassadors of Dignity, for each year of efforts in the implementation of the victims’ rights to rehabilitation and torture prevention. The awarded persons, both nations and internationals, have contributed to the promotion of Peace, Compassion and Human Dignity, in particular in relation to assisting survivors of torture in the Republic of Moldova.

Claude Cahn, who has been the UN Human Rights Adviser in the Republic of Moldova since 2009, was among the Ambassadors of Dignity.

Ludmila Popovici, Executive Director of RCTV Memoria: “Claude Cahn was one of the first international officials, who had visited our Center soon after the dramatic events of April 2009. By his attitude and support, he inspired us with confidence and courage to continue our work and to provide all necessary assistance to the victims of April’s tragic events, in a fragile social and political context and also risky for human rights defenders".

On the same anniversary occasion, RCTV Memoria team offered Certificates of Gratitude to the most active partners and supporters of torture victims in Moldova, including UNDP Moldova office.

Ludmila Popovici, Executive Director of RCTV Memoria: “This international institution was among the first who reacted to the phenomenon of torture in the Republic of Moldova, through various human rights promotion activities, training and information, efforts to aligning the national legislation to the international standards, as well as implementation practice. We would like to mention also about the UNDP Moldova’s efforts in the promotion of the right of victims to rehabilitation, as provided for in Article 14 of the UN Convention against Torture. We hope for a unification of efforts to ensure that this right becomes a reality for all torture victims from Moldova".

Among the persons awarded with the Certificates of Gratitude is also Evghenii Golosceapov, Justice and Human Rights Program Analyst, UNDP Moldova. The award was offered for his work with RCTV Memoria to promote human rights, including through awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns. It is worth mentioning his contribution to the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture by the Republic of Moldova in 2006. The implementation of this Optional Protocol, through the development of a national torture preventive mechanism in Moldova is taking place including with the support of UNDP Moldova.

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