Girls Go IT, first summer camp that promotes girls in IT
25 August 2015

For the first time in Moldova, 36 young women from 16 districts of the country are studying for two weeks in the summer camp Girls Go IT, how they can create and develop a web platform and how they can achieve an innovative project in the community where they come from. Moreover, young women, aged 16-20 years, are interacting with engineers in the field of information technologies, sharing their experience and their knowledge, to motivate them to pursue a career in the IT sector. Girls Go IT summer camp runs from 17 to 31 August.

"The United Nations supports and encourages girls and women to opt for a job in IT. This is because it covers both the economic development of the country and promotion of gender equality. The IT sector in Moldova can provide many opportunities in creating new jobs. But to be exploited this potential and attract investments, Moldova needs qualified workforce. That is why it is important to utilize the capacity of the entire population, not just half of it," said Dittrich Johan Hallberg, United Nations coordinator specialist.

And because efforts must be assessed, on Monday, August 24, participants of the camp met with the project partners, where they discussed issues faced by their communities and the solutions which they would provide thanks to web platforms.

"Within the team “Be IT” we intend to solve a major problem in our community, namely, the lack of knowledge about the scenic places in Moldova. Therefore, the website will aim to develop rural tourism in our country. Also, site visitors will have the chance to donate money to small entrepreneurs who want to open a business in rural tourism," said Carolina Cicatii, 17, a young participant in summer camp.

Also, during the open day, it was discussed about the employment opportunities in the IT sector, but also about entrepreneurial ideas in IT. "We want that this event to foster critical thinking, coding and programming skills of girls, not only to improve their knowledge in computer science. This will stimulate also their entrepreneurial skills, team and communication work," said Abayomi Ogundipe, Go Girls IT program manager.

The event was attended also by the girls’ parents, who came to support the work of girls, but also to encourage them to choose a career in information technology, if they are found in this area.

Go Girls IT Summer Camp takes place in Bahmut village, Ungheni district, and is a joint program launched by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women in Moldova), Center for Electronic Governance, Novateca, National Association of Private ICT Companies (ATIC) and TEKEDU.

“Girls Go IT” program aims to inspire and encourage girls and women who have a passion for modern technologies to join this sector, which, traditionally, is considered a male-dominated sector. However, Girls Go IT Platform seeks to develop entrepreneurial spirit and innovation capacity among rural girls, including girls from vulnerable groups, by developing digital skills.

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