Reviewing health financing and health services delivery to improve access to care in Transnistria region
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28 July 2015

A health financing and health system review of the Transnistria region took place on 13–17 July 2015 as part of the ongoing policy dialogue between WHO/Europe and the Republic of Moldova. Dialogue to share good practices for universal health coverage and strengthen health financing intensified in 2015.

The scope of mission was to:

  • analyze existent financing mechanisms; and
  • determine alternative arrangements within realistic limits to increase the predictability and sustainability of health financing, as well as the financial protection of the population.

Health systems sustainability in times of austerity and financial constraints is a worldwide issue; financial constraints are imminent as highlighted during the meetings in Tiraspol.

A WHO expert, supported by the WHO Country Office in the Republic of Moldova, held meetings in Tiraspol and visited a range of medical institutions, such as Tiraspol Clinical Hospital, the Tiraspol clinical centre for outpatient care, the Tiraspol municipal dental clinic and the central rayon hospital in Camenca among others. During the meetings, the need for further capacity building and experience sharing was identified.

Next steps

As a follow-up to the mission, a population survey regarding access to and satisfaction with medical care, as well as capacity building in health financing are planned for the forthcoming period. WHO will facilitate the dialogue and experience exchange.


A previous mission took place in February 2014, highlighting the need in the region to:

  • revise health financing and care arrangements taking into account WHO/Europe's international experience;
  • review key health system areas together with different stakeholders and using international best practices;
  • improve sector coordination and transparency;
  • develop and revise documents according to international standards; and
  • improve service delivery and information systems.

WHO support for this activity is part of the biennial collaborative agreement 2014–2015 between the Moldovan Ministry of Health and WHO/Europe. The initiative is financially supported by WHO and the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme funded by the European Union and coordinated by WHO, under technical assistance and capacity building activities in the health sector.

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