Emergency health system crisis preparedness assessment mission to Republic of Moldova
3 June 2015

On 11–19 May 2015, WHO carried out a health system emergency preparedness and response (EPR) assessment mission to the Republic of Moldova, aiming to support national authorities in identifying strengths, weaknesses and gaps in current health system crisis preparedness and response.

Staff from WHO/Europe and the WHO Country Office and an international consultant conducted the mission using the "Toolkit for assessing health-system capacity for crisis management" developed by WHO/Europe in 2012. The mission also featured bilateral meetings with key stakeholders from the health sector, environment and civil protection services, and field visits to selected districts and health care facilities. A real-time simulation exercise was organized by civil protection authorities in a district and attended by mission participants.

This mission is a follow-up to the WHO assessment of health security and crises management capacity mission to the country from 2008, and the rapid health system assessment in the Transnistria region conducted in 2012. Provisional recommendations were provided to central and local health authorities for further elaboration in an EPR mission report to outline generic public health EPR issues and solutions including:

  • health system issues;
  • emergency medical service;
  • communicable diseases surveillance, and better links with International Health Regulations through a multisector collaboration and an all-hazards approach.

The 7th international WHO public health emergency management course will take place in Chisinau in the fall of 2015, further building the capacity of EPR services in the WHO European Region and involving national experts as facilitators and trainees.

WHO support for this activity is part of the biennial collaborative agreement 2014–2015 between the Moldovan Ministry of Health and WHO/Europe. The initiative is financially supported by WHO and the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme funded by the European Union and coordinated by WHO, under technical assistance and capacity building activities in the health sector.

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