Recognizing the best health professionals – the fourth Health Gala Awards ceremony in the Republic of Moldova
15 May 2015

The best health professionals were recognized for their dedication and leadership achievements during a national awards ceremony that took place on 23 April 2015 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

In partnership with the Ministry of Health, the National Health Insurance Company and the Centre for Health Information and Communication, WHO organized the fourth anniversary of the Health Gala – a national awards ceremony acknowledging the performance and best achievements of health professionals in the country, as well as innovation and best practices.

The Minister of Health, Mircea Buga, and the WHO Representative to the Republic of Moldova, Dr Jarno Habicht, addressed about 250 health sector managers, development partners and representatives of diplomatic missions, as part of the World Health Day celebration. The Minister of Health stressed in his opening speech, "The health system faces a difficult transformation, but is important in these crucial times to show that the system is united and to recognize the performances and best results of our health professionals." In the same context, Dr Habicht said, "We are encouraged to recognize the innovation and remarkable results in the health sector in the last year. There are examples of intersectoral work, personal dedication and long-term results."

The Health Gala awards were designated for 13 categories and are distributed on the basis of recommendations from a jury. The awards and winners are:

  • best family doctor team – SANCOS Clinic;
  • best nursing team – Health Centre from Flamanzeni-Coscodeni village;
  • best emergency team – Cahul Hospital;
  • best hospital team – Cardiac Surgery Department, Republican Clinical Hospital;
  • best health insurance team – West Agency of the National Health Insurance Company;
  • best public health activity – Orhei Public Health Center;
  • best management of the medical institution – National Center for Blood Transfusion;
  • best nongovernmental organization in health – Center for Health Policies and Studies (PAS Center), Ghenadie Turcanu;
  • best journalist writing about health – Maria Marian, television journalist;
  • most successful activity in health performed by the public authorities – Ministry of Education;
  • best food safety – canteen of the National College of Medicine and Pharmacy "Raisa Pacalo";
  • best didactical activity – University Center of Simulation in Medical Training; and
  • best lifelong health career achievement – Dr Gheorghe Baciu.

"It was really wonderful. I never thought that I would get this award. It's an honour for me, especially that my work is recognized by others. Despite the fact that there are many pressure on the health system, we are proud to remain in the country and to do our jobs," said Elena Garbu, a nurse from the Health Centre in Flamanzeni-Coscodeni village, Singerei district, and winner of the best nursing team category.

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