Children awarded for most clever anti-corruption solutions
18 June 2015

Children from 22 Moldovan schools proposed today their smart solutions to reduce corruption in the educational system, at a Fair for Anti-Corruption Solutions. The event, at its first edition, was organised in Chisinau by the Ministry of Education, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Seven teams of children from 22 schools were awarded after actively participating in the one-year project "Youth for Transparency in Education".

When children fight corruption and favouritism, our society has the chance to become better. This wide participation has a multiplying effect, by engaging parents and teachers. Such partnerships, debates on efficient learning and meritocracy, contribute to improvements”, declared Deputy Minister of Education, Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei.

One of the awards went to a team from Lipcani who developed a Code of Ethics for their school. „This document, developed in a participatory way, consists of simple rules, which encourage us to be more responsible, honest and dedicated. We hope that other schools will follow our example and altogether we will contribute to a healthier educational system”, said Ana-Maria Chifa, student in the 11th grade from Lipcani school.

Other teams developed interactive websites for their schools and established electronic catalogues to make the knowledge assessment process more transparent. Children engaged creative means such as social theater to address cheating, plagiarism, favouritism and other similar issues.
Participants at the Fair debated the possibility to extend the proposed solutions across the country and enhance transparency of the educational system.

“Youth has a key role to play against corruption. Its integrity and zero-tolerance towards corruption should benefit not only the education system but the entire society. Coming with creative solutions to fight plagiarism, cheating, favouritism, Moldovan youth is demonstrating that it aspires and deserves to live in a state free of corruption, offering equal opportunities to all citizens”, stated United Nations Resident Coordinator in Moldova, Dafina Gercheva.

For one year, the project "Youth for Transparency in Education" involved over 500 children in 12 rural communities in consultations, discussions, debates, and focus groups. The schools participating in the project were selected from among the beneficiary communities of the Joint Integrated Local Development Project (JILDP).

The project "Youth for Transparency in Education" is implemented by the National Youth Council from Moldova and the Foundation for Development in Moldova, at the initiative of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme.

Media contact: Tatiana Solonari, JILDP communications consultant:, 069377215.

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