Moldova’s First National Network of Parents and Children with Disabilities Launched
9 June 2015

On 6 June 2015, children with disabilities from throughout Moldova came to Chisinau, together with their peers and parents, to celebrate the launch of the P.A. Association of Parents with Children with Disabilities “ProSprijin”, Moldova’s first national network of parents of children with disabilities.

Children with disabilities are rejected from the playgrounds by other children and their parents. That is why we have come together as parents: to support our children in seeking inclusive education, and to work together as parents in the public interest,” said Natalia Gradinaru, a parent.

The ProSprijin Association was launched with the support of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), within the “Civil Society Support for Combating Discrimination” project, financed by the European Union Delegation. It was formally registered as a civil society organization by the Ministry of Justice in May.

Our mission is to mobilize, stimulate and support families of children and persons with disabilities in order to create and support an environment for their human rights protection and social inclusion”, said Iulian Perciun, the Executive Director of the ProSprijin Association.

 With the creation of the association of parents with children with disabilities, the members of the association plan to create a platform for the communication and support to families, as well as support the capacity to mobilize parents to promote the rights of children with disabilities and the needs to remove barriers including limited access to public services; insufficient support services in school; and limited opportunities for inclusive recreation.

“The decision to found the association of parents with children with disabilities was taken by the members of the network of parents with children with disabilities, created in 2014, within the project implemented by OHCHR. At the moment the network includes over 80 families, and the membership grows every time they meet,” said Valentina Purcel, projects coordinator, OHCHR.

Today in the Republic of Moldova are over 15,000 children with disabilities. According to UNICEF, data circa half of these are integrated into general education institutions.

 Support for the development of the Association ProSprijin has been provided by the “Civil Society Support for Combating Discrimination” project, implemented by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), with the financial support of the European Union Delegation.

 For more detailed information, please contact:

  • Xenia Siminciuc, consultant for diversity, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: +37368488663, e-mail:
  • Iulian Perciun, Executive Director, P.A. Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities “ProSprijin”: +37378203328, e-mail:

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