The 10th Anniversary Edition of the UN Human Rights Gala of Awards Celebrated Remarkable Human Rights Actions in 2014 in Moldova
10 December 2014

The United Nations in Moldova awarded today remarkable achievements in the field of human rights in the Republic of Moldova in 2014 during a ceremony broadcast live by the public TV Moldova 1 and Radio Moldova.


Organized since 2004 each year on December 10, the Human Rights Day, the UN Human Rights Gala of Awards aims to highlight and award the most valuable, innovative, high-impact and engaged human rights initiatives and actions in Moldova.

The anniversary edition in 2014 brought together First Lady of the Republic of Moldova Margareta Timofti, high officials, representatives of international organizations and diplomatic corps, civil society organizations and mass media.


The 2014 edition included six awards for outstanding achievements in the past year:


Human Rights Information Centre (CIDO) for perseverance in monitoring human rights and carrying out awareness-raising activities in the field of human rights.


Lyceum “Pro Success” for genuine progress in practice in implementing models of inclusive education, bringing children with disabilities into mainstream educational environments, with appropriate support to succeed on an equal footing in common classrooms with other children.


Association MOTIVAŢIE for ground-breaking work in advocating equality for persons with disabilities.  


Svetlana Mironova, Chief of the representation of the Centre for Human Rights (Ombudsman Office) of Moldova in Gagauzia, for her exemplary efforts raising awareness about human rights among residents of Gagauzia.


Natalia Bordan, an activist who has contributed to the empowerment of persons with disabilities in Bender city.


Violeta Gaşiţoi, human rights lawyer, for excellence in seeking justice for victims of gender-based violence.


In addition to the six awards, Nicolai Buceatchi, editor-in-chief of the “Chelovek i ego prava” newspaper; Elena Scutaru, founder and CEO at MARA Woman association and Simion Sîrbu, director of the Drochia-based organization Artemida received honourable mention for their human rights work.

“Annually, we gather on December 10 – International Human Rights Day -- to celebrate excellent human rights work done during the past year. This day provides us the chance to recognize and applaud those who have endeavoured to make the promise of human rights real for those most excluded”, said Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova.

This year saw a series of important steps to ensure and protect fundamental human rights in Moldova. Parliament approved a revised legal basis for the Centre for Human Rights (Ombuds institution/National Human Rights Institution). The Council for Preventing and Combatting Discrimination and Ensuring Equality began work in earnest, issuing decisions in over 50 cases, and providing guidance to Parliament on legal reforms. Over 20 Roma community mediators began working in key communities, tackling problems including discrimination in the field of education, denial of social rights, and other human rights issues.   Moldova’s first civil society group of persons with psycho-social disorders was established, for the first time formally bringing together users and survivors of psychiatry. The group manages a new centre in Botanica, Chisinau, providing social, medical, legal and other services to a community of persons with mental and intellectual disabilities.   Chisinau held its second LGBT Pride March.   In the Transnistrian region, for the first time, conscientious objectors to military service enjoy the possibility to perform alternative service in the civil sector.

All winners were selected based on a process of public consultation and evaluated by human rights experts in the country. The criteria used in the assessment process included creativity, perseverance, commitment and courage shown in promoting human rights with high impact on people's lives.

The UN Human Rights Gala of Awards is organized by the United Nations in Moldova annually on the Human Rights Day.

Detailed explanations of all of the awards are attached to the press release.

More information about the 2014 UN Human Rights Awards at


For more information, please contact: Claude Cahn, UN Human Rights Advisor, , tel. 269 104, or Ludmila Tiganu, Communications Specialist, tel. 269 112, email:

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