Title: UNICEF RFP 9141245, Support UNICEF in organizing the World Largest Lesson as part of the #ENDViolence In And Around Schools campaign (updated).

UN tender

Reg. no.: UN Tender18/01783

Launch date: 13 July 2018, 12:19 (GMT+2:00)

Deadline: 31 July 2018, 17:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: UN Tender


UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their proposals for supporting UNICEF in organizing the World Largest Lesson as part of the #ENDViolence In And Around Schools campaign.

Duration: August – December 2018 (5 months)

UNICEF Moldova intends to hire a Media, PR and Logistic company to support UNICEF in organizing the World Largest Lesson as part of the #ENDViolence in and Around Schools campaign.Objectives of the contract:

Based on the concept and guidance provided by UNICEF the contractor will provide support for the smooth organization of the following activities:

  • Liaise with education officials and school administrations to identify schools willing to take part in the initiative.
  • Support the identified schools in the organization of the World Largest Lesson, including a School Superhero Comics Contest.
  • Organize a coding challenge for students aged 8-14 using the BBC micro:bit online app.[1]
  • Host a student-led discussion – Youth Talk, to hear what students commit to doing, and what they need from others to be safe at school.
  • Organize one advocacy event to #ENDViolence in schools.
  • Organize a #kidstakeover on the WCD 2018
  • Ensure media visibility of the initiative.
  • Produce multimedia materials to raise awareness about the initiative.


[1] Students don’t need to have a micro:bit in order to take part, they can use an online app instead. Full details, in multiple languages, will be available online.

How to apply:

Hardcopy submissions:

Full proposals should be submitted in ENGLISH and must be received not later than 17:00 (EET) on 31 July 2018 in one copy, duly signed and dated. Bidders must submit a sealed proposal, with two separate sealed envelopes inside for a) the Technical Proposal (including signed Bid Form) and b) the Price Proposal.

Sealed proposals must be securely closed in suitable envelopes and dispatched to arrive at the UNICEF office indicated no later than the closing time and date. They must be clearly marked as follows:

- Outer envelope: Name of company

RFP number LRPS-2018-9141245

UNICEF Moldova

131, 31 August 1989 street, UN House, Chisinau, MD-2012 Moldova

- filed and signed Bid Form;

- Inner envelope – technical proposal: Name of company, RFP number - technical proposal

- Inner envelope - price proposal: Name of company, RFP number - price proposal

 E-mailed submissions:

Proposals sent by e-mail should be submitted in ENGLISH and must be received not later than 17:00 (EET) on 31 July 2018, in one separate e-mail for the Technical Proposal containing a scanned copy duly signed and dated (including signed Bid Form) with the e-mail subject "LRPS-2018-9141245 Technical", and another separate e-mail for the Price Proposal containing a scanned copy duly signed and dated with the e-mail subject "LRPS-2018-9141245 Financial". Please password-secure the PDF file containing Price Proposal or compress it with ZIP archiver with password protection and do not provide the password until requested further by UNICEF.

The official address for e-mail submission will be chisinautenders@unicef.org. The e-mail sent shall be free from viruses and corrupted files. Max. File Size per transmission: 15 MB. Please note that submission received after 17:00, 31.07.2018, will not be considered for opening and evaluation.

Questions from Proposers. 

Proposers are required to submit any questions in respect of this RFPS by email to Angela Munteanu at amunteanu@unicef.org. The deadline for receipt of any questions is 24 July 2018, 17:00.

Proposers are required to keep all questions as clear and concise as possible. The questions received will be anonymized and posted, together with the replies, on the UN.md webpage this announcement is published on. 

Please find detailed information in the Terms of Reference attached as Annex B to the RFP document.


Q&A (updated as of 27.07.2018):

Q: Could you please explain more detailed regarding deliverable nr.6: Artistic performance -  ”The artistic performance on the World Children Day 2018 can be theatre, musical, flashmob or any other type of activity”. 

 Please let us know what do you expect:

  • Should be produced a song (video spot) or theatre performance with many artists/dancers?
  • Could be a well known song/artist or theatre performance presented on WCD?
  • Should be rented a venue for this event/concert and for how many people?


The bidders are free to come with creative ideas. The artistic performance should be meaningful in the context of the campaign - #ENDViolence in schools and it also should be designed to be participative for children and youth. In practice it would mean that we are expecting a technical proposal that will briefly describe what you plan to do. You need to think how you will involve the children and young people and what will be the scale of the event, eventually, you can also describe its potential for scaling up.

 For example, you can ask children and adolescents to develop a play script on the topic of ending violence in schools under the guidance of a trainer and support them to stage a theatre play in a school, indicating in your proposal that the play can be later performed during an event, or in a local theatre, or in a national theatre. If you want to attract well known musicians, actors, writers or other performers to the exercise you can definitely do so, keeping in mind your financial proposal as well. The renting of the venue depends as well on the concept you will be developing – if you are looking to do it in a school, it would not be needed, otherwise you should propose a solution.


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