Title: UNICEF Moldova: CSO Call for Expression of Interest in improving the work of co-management structure in ensuring youth participation in Government work.

Reg. no.:UN16/01284

Launch date: 13 June 2016, 18:02 (GMT+2:00)

Deadline: 01 August 2016, 17:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: UN tender

Category: General

The purpose of this Specific Call for Expression of Interest is to identify eligible Civil Society Organisations for prospective partnership with UNICEF Moldova Country Office. Eligible Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are invited to submit proposals for partnership to support achievement of results for children outlined in UNICEF’s 2013-2017 Country Programme and section 1.3 of the Call for Interest.

Organisations that wish to participate in this Call for Expression of Interest are requested to send or deliver their submission in a sealed envelope clearly marked “CSO Call for Expression of Interest, Improving the work of co-management structure in ensuring youth participation in Government work” at the following address:

UNICEF Moldova

131, ‘31st August 1989’ str., Chisinau, MD-2012


Deadline for submission of the expression of interest is 1 August 2016, 17:00.

Applications must be submitted in English.

Any requests for additional information should be addressed in writing by 25 July 2016 at the latest to chisinau@unicef.org. UNICEF responses to any queries or clarification requests will be made available to all online on the “Tenders” page of the UNICEF Moldova website before the deadline for submission of applications.

Applications will be assessed by an evaluation committee to identify CSOs that have the mandate, capacities and comparative advantage to support achievement of results for children using criteria outlined in section 3 below. It should be noted however that participation to this Call for Expression of Interest does not guarantee the CSO will be ultimately selected for partnership with UNICEF. Selected NGOs will be invited to review and finalise partnership agreements in accordance with criteria outlined in section 3.4 below and applicable policy and procedures on partnership with CSOs.

Applicant CSOs will be informed of the outcome of their submissions by communication sent out to the email/ postal address that is indicated in the CSO submission.

Supporting documents:

SpecificCallExpression_of_interest_YouthParticipation.docx Microsoft

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